Учебные пособия Граждановедение, основы демократии, права человека доступны для скачивания на сайте СРЦ в разделе ПУБЛИКАЦИИ по адресу: http://ru.socres.kz/publikacii/ на русском языке, а также на казахском, узбекском и таджикском языках на следующей странице: http://socres.kz/publikaciyalar/


Иллюстрированная брошюра о деятельности и достижениях проекта "Совершенстование демокератического образования для молодежи Казахстана в 2016г." доступна для свободного скачивания на сайте СРЦ в разделе Публикации.


Социологический ресурсный центр объявляет о выходе в свет иллюстрированной брошюры и о мероприятиях Проекта «Совершенствование демократического образования для молодежи Казахстана» в 2016 году. Тираж ограничен.  Электронная версия брошюры будет доступна для скачивания на сайте СРЦ www.socres.kz  с 15 февраля 2017г.

About SRC

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Sociological Resource Center Shymkent has rich experience dealing with issues of national, religious and other cultural minorities groups. As a focal point of monitoring current situation in inter-ethnic sphere and early prevention of national conflicts SRC works with the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities. As national administrator of monitoring project of the OSCE/HCNM in 2005-2008 the SRC paid much attention to the problem of weak social integration and under-representation of national minorities in local and national authorities’ structures, local municipalities and in the Parliament on national level. The SRC has been undertaking significant efforts in discussion and drafting law regarding the Assembly of Kazakhstan’s People and provision special quota of national minorities representatives as nine member of lower Chamber of the Parliament – Mazhilis.  The Executive Director of SRC, Mr. Serik Aidossov has rich experience dealing with national human rights institutions as a member on board of Expert council of Presidential human rights commission. The SRC has close relations with UNICEF in studying the situation with children and youth’ rights. Since 2014 Mr. Aidossov ia a member on borad of Coordination Council of National preventive meachanism against torture (NPM OPCAT) under Ombudsman of Kazakhstan. By support of Bota foundation and the Foundation of the foirts Kazakhstan's President SRC conducted education project in South Kazakhstan for orphanage children dedicated to their deeper socialization and civic,  human rights education. The SRC has strong and constructive cooperation history with central and local authorities in conducting its projects in the past. In present project it is expected involvement of local government agencies to cooperation with the project such as local akimats, maslikhats, departments of education and departments of state internal policy. The applicant has good experience dealing with state agencies in youth education while conducting project with Public Foundation “Bota” supports for children from orphanage institutions and without parental care. It was explored that state agencies are quite constructive and open for cooperation with NGO in youth education for their everyday activities.